Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Food Reviews on House of Seafood @ Punggol Point Branch

My Food Reviews on House of Seafood @ Punggol Point Branch

Recently I went to House of Seafood together with my friends to dine in for their seafood because I have been hearing my friends recommending me to House of Seafood for their crabs and seafood. 

Upon reaching the place, we can see live crabs (the crabs are so huge!) and live seafood display in the restaurant itself. This guarantees that the seafood we are going to order is definitely fresh from the waters! Next, I was greeted by the a group of warm and friendly waiters and waitresses, and were shown to our tables. The tables are big and comfortable enough for the 6 of us to eat as we don't have elbow knocking moments as we are enjoying the fabulous crabs.

Live Crabs Display at the Main Entrance

Live Seafood Display, look at the size of this Geoduck!

We ordered some of our favourite dishes like:
Black Pepper Crab, the spiciness is just nice, with adequate black peppery taste and sweet sauce. A dish I strongly recommend!

Chilli Crabs, the perfect combination of the sauce and eggs, its a heavenly match with the Fried Mantou!

Seafood White Beehoon, a must try!

Thai Fried Beancurd, Cripsy on the outside, extremely soft on the inside. Coupled with Thai Sauce, it is a great appetizer!
Deep Fried Seabass with Soya Sauce, one of the few fish I only eat! Cripsy and not oily at all!

Sautéed Broccoli, Crunchy and fresh! What's more is there to ask?

 Honey Pork Ribs, a sweet addition to all of the seafood we have eaten, another Signature dish!

My favourite is Salted Eggs Crabs (too delicious till I forgot to take a picture of it!) as the fusion between the salted egg sauce is just nice and not too salty, brings out the freshness of the crab meat, and not too overpowering as well. Even when I'm writing this, it means me hungry again as I think of it!

I will definitely ask my insurance colleagues at SP-Wind-Motion and SP-Motion to dine there together in the future! Can't wait for the next visit!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Charity Car Wash for Animal Lovers League

Two weeks ago, I participated in a Charity car wash event and lend my helping hand to Animal Lovers League (https://www.facebook.com/animalloversleague.sg) together with my two artistes Daniel Chin and Hayden Chen. No doubt I had blog a little of it in my previous blog post, but I still feel that I should write more and share more about this Animal Welfare Group.

It was indeed a good experience to do something meaningful for the small animals, especially to save over 700 animals and prevent them from becoming homeless. I had also pledge a small amount of contribution to them on behalf of Project Awareness, including the shout-out posted by the founder Elson Soh at the Facebook. 

I seriously hope that every of my friends can lend your helping hand to Animal Lovers League as they need to cover their monthly expenses at the shelter which cost around $20k plus minus. It is not easy to take care of the stray and mixed breed dogs and cats. Stay kind and be kind to animals always. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Uncle Tay and his basic Medishield

It was a very fruitful week indeed. Been busy with house visiting, artistes event at Bugis Junction, helping to raise funds for an animal shelter with over 700 animals, and planning out events and schedule for my artistes.

Over one of the weekdays, we have visited Uncle Tay in Hougang. Uncle Tay family consist of 5 members, have to squeeze in a very small 2 room rental flat, with very old bed and mattress which I feel it will post health problems to them if they continue using it for long. Initially, both Uncle Tay and her wife Jennifer are working. However in November last year, Jennifer, after finishing her work one night, she encountered a robbery while walking home, and all her cash in her wallet was stolen by the unknown men, to the extent that she even had to be hospitalised for several days. 

Now Uncle Tay is the sole breadwinner of the family, having to survive daily through his cleaner job. After hearing his situation, I immediately ask him about the hospital bills and whether are they covered by insurance because the cost of medical fees is very expensive. Luckily they are covered by basic Medishield, but they have to pay quite a bit from their own pockets. 

He then proceeded to show me a letter from a insurance company as he doesn’t know how to read them. Fortunately, with my experience as a insurance agent, I was able to explain the terms in the letter. It was due to his inability to fork out any more money for his accident policy that the policy has lapsed. 

I wanted to buy a accident policy for them as I’m afraid that in the event of the demise of Uncle Tay, how is their family going to continue living with the debts and lack of finance? I hope that through my efforts and Project Awareness, we will be able to give them a better life and bring them out of the darkness.