Monday, July 27, 2015

Relighting your childhood memories? Only at Uncle Ringo!

Remember the days when we were so crazy about fun fairs, carnivals and pasar malam? You can immediately think of UK Funfair and Uncle Ringo  《玲可叔叔》 !

Fun Fact: Do you know that for outdoor fun fairs and carnivals, there is only Uncle Ringo doing this?

Being in a fun fair is every child wildest dream, it’s the time where their imaginations run wild. From Viking ships, carousel, bumper cars, and spinning round and round in their rides, the kids just can’t get enough of it!

Personally I went down yesterday to visit Uncle Ringo at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade as we will be organising stage events over there. I went ahead together with Elson Soh, William Soh, Flipside Production - Hangi Tavakoli and Charlene Eng, and took some rides like Bumper Cars, Chinatown Maze, Meteorite, and some carnival games. It really brings me back my childhood memories where I was screaming excitedly when sitting in a Viking Ship when I’m young! 

All these wouldn’t happen if I have not met Uncle Ringo personally. He is someone full of laughter and energy even at his age. He makes the dream come true as he loves to bring joy to each and every children and especially gets satisfaction when he sees children having fun at his carnivals, playing rides, eating candy floss and popcorns. 

Do remember to visit Uncle Ringo at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade from now till 10th August 2015, 6pm to 11pm on Weekdays and 1pm to 11pm on Weekends! FREE Admission to everyone! And catch us on stage until then!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An update on Mr Buang Family

It’s about 3 months since we get to know about Mr Buang family and their situation. Being the sole breadwinner of the family with 10 children, he has to undergo immense stress and pressure when he discovered that he is already a stage 3 lung cancer patient last year. He had no choice but to quit his job as a security officer, in order to continue with his medical treatment. 

Next week, he has to undergo another surgery as doctors discovered another lump near his kidneys. With weekly appointments of check-ups and radio therapy treatment, he continue to fight strong with a positive mind, but his only worry now is how his family going to continue living if things does not goes well for him.

We are glad that he have received some help with the assistance of MP Baey Yam Keng and helped him to apply for CDC grant to support his family. Last Saturday, Mr Buang invited us to his house for Hari Raya gathering. We are surprised to see the addition of 2 sofa in his living him, he told us that someone from the shop house opposite his house actually don’t want these sofa so Mr Buang and his son went to carry it back home. From this gesture, we can see that even in their circumstances, they will still make it a point to celebrate their Hari Raya Adilfitri.

After spending a day with them, we realised that what they need is a long term kind of support, at least, until their kids can start working and support the family. They have 2 sons currently studying in ITE and working part time to offset their family expenses. Also, his son that is 3 years old currently, that was born in Indonesia due to his wife having a labour over there, is not a citizen of Singapore yet. Reason because Mr Buang’s name was not included in the birth cert of the child. Right now they are in the process of adding his name into the birth cert, however they would need to fork out 460 Singapore Dollars for them to process the paper work.

Many a times we do not know that we are actually quite fortunate compared to the rest, hence, I’ll always make it a point to help those in need as much as possible.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Politic but Peolitics

It is indeed a busy yet happening week for me. On Tuesday’s evening, I accompany Mr Tan Lam Siong, (someone whom I often look up to, not because he is a lawyer by profession but for his personal values in life, and he often share his experience with me which are often thought provoking) for an Opposition Ramadan Party in celebration of his departure of NSP. 

This is the first time in my life that I have seen so many opposition members from different parties gathering together for a meal. I have never like the thought of being seen with the opposition because many of them just want to overthrow the government, all talk no actions, and I believe that if they were to become the government one day, it would definitely be worse. Nevertheless I still accompany Mr Tan, as he is my personal friend and mentor, and his ideology of politics is different from the rest of the people, one that he named it as “Peolitics” he is definitely not one to oppose but one to propose.

After the dinner, we went to NTUC at Bedok to buy the items for the distribution at Tampines. Upon reaching there, we 扫空 the whole NTUC of their Bread, Maggie Noodles, and Biscuits. The shoppers at that time keep looking at us as they are shocked at the amount of the items that we are buying. Then we explain that we are there to buy for tomorrow’s distribution and they praised us for our actions.

I had little sleep, and as I have to wake up very early in the day to prepare for the distribution. We reach 499C Tampines Ave 9 at 9am in the morning, Together with MP Baey Yam Keng, staff of Gremio Capital Pte Ltd, volunteers from Project Awareness and Happy people, plus my buddy Elson Soh, we went door to door distribution to more than 100 over units in the block.

Many of the residents know MP Baey as he is very active in helping his residents in Tampines area. We can see residents waving at him from far, coming up close to speak to them and praise his hardwork all these while serving them, and taking pictures with him personally. Through these acts, we can see that MP Baey really served his residents well and is very very well-liked by his residents there. 

All of us sweat ourselves out throughout the whole journey but it was fulfilling seeing the residents and helping the families in Tampines. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for coming down and volunteer on a Wednesday morning!  

After the distribution, we went to House of Seafood at Punggol Point Branch for lunch. Thank you boss Francis Ng, for the very well prepared lunch, and it was a good spread for all of us. MP Baey enjoyed both the Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab prepared by the chef. Thank you Cindy, the pretty marketing manager from House of Seafood, for coming down to the branch to welcome all of us.

We are glad that yesterday’s collaboration between Project Awareness, Happy People and MP Baey Yam Keng was a great success, as we are there to help Tampines Resident and low income family to create a racial harmony day was a great success! Hope everyone who came down to support enjoyed themselves too!

On a side note, did you saw me in yesterday’s Lianhe Wanbao? :)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why you need to have a good digital marketing right now?

Many are asking, what is digital marketing? What kind of digital marketing do I need, and is my digital marketing complete enough?

Recently I have acquired several news and entertainment portal, mainly they are JustClick, Hello FM, Campus Rock and Poppy TV. Being the Co-Founder of these news and entertainment portal, I realise the need for a complete Digital Marketing for any companies who want to brand and market themselves. Having a company Facebook page alone is not enough.

So what makes Digital Marketing Complete? 

We need all of these ways to maximise your online brand presence. 

Firstly, be consistent with your branding. Any concept, any slogan must not be changed within a short period of time. For any branding to be ingrain into any person, it must be consistently appearing the same thing to a customer, so once they think of the slogan, it reminds them of you.

Campus Rock
Secondly, while a Facebook page features recent updates to your customers, many prefer to visit a responsive corporate website to understand more about the company background, product and services, and upcoming promotions. To allow your website to be captured in search engines like Google, you need to have very good search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), link building, and advertisement banners across all networks.

Thirdly, as everyone is using a smart phone now, our customers are online every single minute. According to statistics, 74% of Singaporeans uses social media regularly and the average time spend on is 2.1 hours. All you need to just capture 1% of the users and you could be on your way to riches. However, what really attracts them is to have great quality content. It must have a very strong tagline to capture the attention of the customer and the information must be bite size as internet users are very impatient these days and they do not like contents that are very wordy.

Royal Entertainment
Next, to better increase your brand exposure, you will need to create press releases. Every concept, every idea or movement must have a strong point that would attract media companies or internet news portal to talk about your product and services. With press releases, it will extend your brand not just to Singapore alone, but it will promote your brand worldwide.
Furthermore, with YouTube on the rise, everyone is creating their own videos and advertisements. Creating a video is easy but creating a viral video campaign is far from easy. Having your piece of content to go viral is like winning the Internet’s version of lottery. You need to have great content, great quality, short yet interesting enough to keep the attention of your viewers and creating the urge for them to share and you will have a winning video.
Last but not least, customers nowadays are “smart”. Before they try something new, they will look for product reviews, shop reviews, ask their friends for opinion before trying something out. 90% of them would use Google to search for what they want and this brings me to the next point, blogging. With blog reviews from influencers such as celebrities, personalities, and even people around us will greatly draw your potential customers to read them and to enjoy it virtually before they visit you physically.
To summarise, with the ways of the above and the combination with our marketing strategies, it will increase your brand exposure to the next level and attracts more potential customers into your business.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy People make their day

During one of our house visiting to French Road recently, we noticed a large numbers of elderly gathering together at various spots. We can see them engaging in very interesting conversations, playing chess, and la kopi together.

When our volunteers engage in little conversations with them, we realise they are grinning from ear to ear, subsequently when we bless them with a little bag of rations, we can see that we have make their day and they are happier than ever. We come to realise one thing. Not that they are super poor, but they are super lonely. Every elderly have their own character, some may not get along with one another, but they definitely need someone to talk to and accompany them and have a good chat.

With that, we are happy to be able to make their day and let them be happier! This is something that I always wanted to do since young and I m glad that I m able to do it now. Apart from Project Awareness, I also set up another initiative volunteer group, known as Happy People (Click HERE to LIKE the Facebook page), hope to spread more awareness around.