Sunday, April 26, 2015

My life as a insurance agent

I didn't wanted to be a insurance agent. At first. It was due to quite a series of events that I eventually become one.

My dream job is to help people manage their finance in a better way. I believe that no matter how rich you are, what background you come from, how you end in life financially largely depends on how you manage your money. You can be a multi billionaire, but if you splurge on unnecessary things or indulge in gambling, you will end up with nothing one day. Unless you own that casino.  :)
I thought that being a personal banker should fit my characteristics of dream job. Just before entering into National Service, I plan my life out accordingly to what a banker needs and I intend to study Banking and Finance after I finish the army.

After being in army for a year, my close BMT buddy ask if I wanted to be a insurance agent. I quickly rejected the idea of being a insurance agent due to the negative hearsay and rumours about them, and some of the black sheeps in the insurance industry. Coincidentally, I happen to meet a few bankers during networking sessions, and they shared their stories as a banker. "Crazy sales target", "Demanding bosses", "Have to sell many range of products altogether", "No day, no night". These were the complaints I heard from them. One of them said, "I wish I was a insurance agent". 

Because they have flexible hours, work as and when they like, much more carefree, can 'choose' what they want to sell, and much more meaningful when they process a claim for their clients. After hearing these words of wisdom, I decided to read up more about how insurance agent actually work without all the previous judgment and prejudice. I learnt that insurance are indeed very meaningful if everyone is being educated in a proper manner. 
The financial products are good, just that there might be a few unscrupulous or high pressure selling salesman. Insurance is something useful when you need it, but when you really need it and you do not have it, life will be a mess. Just like a lock to a house, when the day you need it and don't have it, your house will be a empty house when you are back.

And so, I started to embark on my journey to be a insurance agent. I phoned my BMT buddy up, found out more info about it, started studying and taking all the basic 4 insurance test, and finally become a insurance agent.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Never knew such places actually existed in a first world country

After being together with Project Awareness, I realised that we are fortunate compared to the needy families in Singapore. I never knew such places actually existed in a first world country. 

Looking at so many families having to squeeze at a small accommodation together with their many children, having this consistent worry of not having food on the table, having various medical conditions, having not enough money to feed the whole family, and when they share their difficulties they faced, it makes my heart break.

There is a family at King George Ave, single mother with 7 children. Taking care of 7 children at her age is no easy feat for her. With that many children, she can never work as her youngest child is only 1 year old and she has to take care of the rest. Luckily, her eldest child is the most obedient of them all, having good results in school, learning to cook for the family and helping to take care of his brothers and sisters. I hoped that all of them grow up to be a fine person.

No matter how busy my schedule is, I will always spend time to volunteer and help those in need as much as possible. Let’s do our part and provide whatever help and support we can.