Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Facts VS Lies

Through my experience in volunteering, working, engaging with people, and in life, I realised there are two types of people, mainly one who based on true facts, and one who based on things being made up by others.

People who based on facts only believe what they see or experience themselves personally before taking any actions. These are the people that we should be friends with, because no matter what rumours they heard about you from others, they will always clarify with you personally and find out what actually happen, and see if you need any help or assistance from them. They are the ones who will stand by you and support you no matter what happens.

Next, there are another group of people who just love to lie and create problems. People who just love to kaypoh, make noise and complain this complain that and don’t help anything at all. They are judgmental and believe lies that create by others. When shit happens, they will lie, create problems for you, condemn you and make others believe that you are the one who cause problems. They are the ones who cannot handle the truth.

But why do people lie? People always lie for the same reason: fear. The purpose of fear is to suppress awareness of the truth. For example, when a narcissist says that everyone loves and respects her when it's obvious to others it's not true, that's an unconscious lie. Les Carter explains this well in his book, Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism. He writes (p 17):

In a sense, narcissists are out of touch with reality. They are not mentally ill, like a psychotic; they are just unwilling to acknowledge truth that doesn't match their preferences. While normal people can weigh events rationally and draw fair conclusions about themselves, narcissists do not. They lack the objectivity to live with reasonable insight because their need for self-exaltation does not allow them to accept that their perceptions might not be the ultimate truth. Their idealized view of themselves blinds them as they try to make sense of life, particularly the elements in themselves that might be imperfect or that migh require adjustments (and they never want to make adjustments).

In conclusion, do exercise the right judgment when handling with such people.

P.S.: Whatever happen in the past have passed. I will not hesitate to take any action against you if things go overboard.

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