Sunday, September 20, 2015


Glad to be the first to try 螃蟹之家 House of Seafood 'HIGH' 鲜堡塔! HIGH SEAFOOD TOWER together with local singer-songwriter Elson Soh last week.

Being invited to try their 'HIGH' 鲜堡塔! HIGH SEAFOOD TOWER, this is definitely the first kind of unique and innovative delicacy that I experience in Singapore. 

Every levels unveils a fresh seafood dish and the CEO, Francis Ng, explains that the essence from each seafood will drip all the way down from the steam to the soup base, which explains why the soup is so delicious and felt that the dishes are fresh straight from the sea! 

The soup is so heavenly that it will makes you wanna drink it over and over again! Each levels consist of fresh seafood selections such as Live Bamboo Clams, Live Clams, Live Mussels, Squid, Live Prawns, Scallops, Live Crabs, Seafood Soup Based. They even have ala-carte premiums add-on available such as Geo-Duck Clam Sashimi, Live Oyster, Red Snapper Sashimi, and Live Lobster Sashimi! 

Doesn't these add-on makes your mouth watery? In short, this is definitely the dish for all seafood lovers. Looking forward to this dish again! If you want to try High Seafood Tower, call your nearest outlet to make the reservation now.

- Punggol Point +65 6466 9000
- Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre +65 6285 9711

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