Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Meet Mr and Mrs Lim

They are a family based in shanghai, coming back to Singapore every year to visit friends and families and to celebrate National Day as well. We are glad to find out that they have been following Project Awareness page since we started in 2013, and sharing our post to their friends and families in Singapore to volunteer with us. This action shows that kindness have no boundaries.

This week, they are back in Singapore again. Mr and Mrs Lim have been teaching the kids to sell things and make some money, which is also to coach them that making money isn’t easy and it requires certain effort and skills. To make it more meaningful to the children (Lim Jing Rui and Lim Ching Suan), for every dollar they made, the parents contribute a dollar as well, and they decided to donate all proceeds to Project awareness to support families in need to basic necessities. A total of $400 was contributed to Project Awareness.

This is the kind of actions that we want to promote kindness and volunteerism to the young generations of Singapore, to give back to society and let them know that they are fortunate enough compared to the less fortunate. Thank you to Lim Family. Even though they are based in Shanghai, they always try to help our fellow Singaporeans, we really appreciate your spirit of giving and kindness, and we will use the money your family had raised to bless the families.

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