Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rations for Mr Stanley and request more people to help for this family

Its always saddening when I received messages like, "I need your help. No thing at home. Last week I buy thing but my salary was less so I never buy many thing. So can u help me. Can I get ntuc voucher. Pls help me." Or "my house got nothing. We eat what you give us."

We wish to help every single family out there who are in this kind of situations, but our resources are limited. One example is Mr Stanley family in Champion Way. He is working as a security guard and having to his wife, his 7 kids, and his grandma and he has just discharged from hospital as well. His salary is less than 1k per month. Today we just bought some rations for his family. Each time it cost about $100 worth of groceries but due to the number of family members he has to feed, it can only last them 3 days.

This is just one such family that we have to support, and they truly need your support to tide over this difficult period of their lives, hopefully being able to find a higher paying job, or waiting till the kids grow up. I hope that someone would be able to help them with their bills, groceries, or vouchers, to help them through their most difficult period of their lives.

If you can visit Mr Stanley and his family at Champions Way, do whatsapp me at +65 9151 9924 for more information. Thank you for your kindness.

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