Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“If you have nothing better to say, better don’t say anything.”

After volunteering and being the Project Coordinator at Project Awareness (A计划) all these while, I come to realise there are many things about life we should reconsider. Is money really about everything? Some people spend their whole life chasing papers, but ultimately are they really truly happy? Once a senior tell me, when his mom was weak and frail, he hired 2 maids just to take care of her, yet he feel very accomplished doing so. Why is this even happening in the first place? What if this were to happen to him, would he want to be taken care by 2 maids that his son hired just to take care of him?

I have met a lot of low income families through my volunteer works. I believe that we should not look down on anyone no matter what’s their past or situation. Every day, I receive a lot of messages from the public that they wish to help some of our beneficiaries, and I appreciate each and every one who came forward to reach out to those in need. However, I do receive some messages from a small group of people, questioning what we do, giving unnecessary comments, and demoralizing us and our group of volunteers. 

It is totally okay if these people do not have the heart to help others, but it is not okay when they start putting others down. There’s a quote I always stick by, “If you have nothing better to say, better don’t say anything.” Ultimately what we just want is the residents and families to benefit from everyone efforts, to help them tide through their difficult period in their life, so that they can lead a better life and that is enough.

So if you love to create trouble or being a nuisance and hinder our kindness works, I believe that serving the community is definitely not for you, and you should be somewhere else instead. Most importantly, stop the DIRTY game that you might have in mind.

But if you like to help any of our beneficiaries, do let us know as we always love to work with any organisations, any companies, or any one, regardless of who you are, where you are from, as long as we are able to help the community, and the people benefited from our efforts.

Only people with a guilty conscience will find this post offensive.

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