Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kindness should not mixed together with Politics

On 20th June 2015, something terrible happened before distribution. An opposition party that Not Supposed to be mentioned, actually requested Project Awareness to help them out on their Kindness Day, which is to spread kindness to the low income families in Singapore. So we discussed and decided why not? End of the day, we just want to help the residents of Singapore, so it does not matter who we collaborate with, so long as the residents benefit from it, we are happy to support.

It was supposed to be a happy event distributing goodies bags to the residents on that day, however to our dismay, when we including our volunteers have reached the place, the President of that party told us that today’s event is their party event, it’s not a collaboration between us and them, and our volunteers are not allowed to be seen in their pictures. This is ridiculous. Not that we want to be seen in their pictures, but our volunteers are not to be seen in their pictures?

Hence we decided to pull out from the whole thing, because in the first place, they are not appreciative of our volunteers’ efforts, and even the volunteers themselves says that they do not wish to support such ridiculous people. Most are wondering if they are really doing kindness or just trying to get extra points because the General Election is nearing? 

End of the day, we know that our hearts are with the residents and人民是无辜的,特别是弱势家庭 (the residents are innocent, especially the low income families) Hence, we proceed to do our distribution on our own instead.

We decided to organise a distribution the next day and meanwhile visit the families that we took care of.

Shopping for goody bags for the low-income families

Mr Buang Family
Uncle Goh
Ms Ramlah
Ms Rohaya and Family

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