Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reminiscing childhood memories with Uncle Ringo

Throwback to my visit to Uncle Ringo Fun Fair last week at Serangoon North Fair!
When I heard that there’s an Uncle Ringo Fun Fair just minutes away from my house, I was super excited like a young kid who just bought a new toy, and I just have to make a trip down no matter what!

Upon reaching the fun fair, I was greeted by sweet smells of pasar malam food like sweet corn, tu tu kueh, kebabs and many many more. Next, I heard the screams and cheers from the excitement of the kids playing the Uncle Ringo rides like Pirate Ship, Pong Pong Che (Bumper Cars), Carousel, and many game stalls. It’s like all your five senses are being activated as you experience the fair.

Look at the crowd queuing up at the bumper cars!

Different kinds of game stalls that is especially enticing to the young children

Children having bouncing fun at bouncing castles

“I’m gonna be a future sniper!”

“Riding a real train!”

Personally, I would prefer the younger generation to play traditional games like this and interact with other young children, rather than being stuck at home playing with game consoles, iPads, or TV, as it will limit their learning abilities and social skills. Sometimes, having high technology may not be a good thing, so remember to go out and have fun!

Looking forward to his next fair with all the Chinese New Year Theme Celebration with big fun rides, game attractions, pasar malam food stall, CNY deco items, and many other at TAMPINES HONGBAO next to Tampines MRT from 23 January to 21 February 2016! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Do you know sleep is important?

It seems that the more we advance as a society, the more something important gets shoved aside. Whether it’s taking time to be with family, finding time to be outdoors every day, cooking our own food, our desire to make more money, or “live life to the fullest” we’re willing to shortchange one area of life to make room for another. And it just so happens that one of our most important needs has likewise gone by the wayside, and it’s affecting more of us than we think.

The fact is: less and less of us are getting enough sleep.

While we know inherently that sleep is essential for our well being, there are still millions of people not getting enough of it. The American Psychological Association revealed a study by the National Sleep Foundation that “at least 40 million Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders and 60 percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more.”

That is more than just a few people suffering the many effects of poor sleep, and more often than not, these kinds of problems go undiagnosed and untreated. Even still, unsatisfactory sleep habits cause more issues than what might have us reach for another, stronger morning latté.

Hope this piece of information is good for those of my friends that do not like to sleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Healthcare, we can all afford

Being hospitalised is no fun and having to worry about that hospital bill, no matter big or small, can make it worse. Fortunately Singaporeans enjoy heavy subsidies in public hospitals, especially in class B2 and C wards.

This means that a huge part of your hospital bill is taken care of when you are admitted into hospital. You just need to bear part of the medical expenses and pay more if you opt for a higher class ward.

Overall, direct subsidies to patients have increased, from about $850 million in 2001 to more than $1.6billion in 2007. And this is projected to exceed $2.2 billion by 2012.

Singaporeans can be proud of our healthcare system which is rated among the best in the world. We have a comprehensive system – with government subsidies, supplemented with the 3Ms – that makes sure everyone can manage the financial burdens of hospitalisation.

a. Medisave
This compulsory medical savings plan lets you pay for either your own personal or immediate family members’ hospitalisation expenses. On average, each Singaporean has enough in his or her Medisave account to cover about 11 class B2 or 12 class C hospitalisation episodes. These savings help to significantly lighten our hospital bills.

More than 80 per cent of Singaporeans use Medisave to pay for their hospitalisation expenses. Medisave usage has also been progressively extended to meet outpatient needs.

b. MediShield
MediShield is a low-cost medical insurance plan that helps patients cope with large bills and covers up to 80 per cent for class B2 and C bills. If you are in the middle income group and prefer class A or B1 or private wards, you should consider buying supplementary Medisave-approved insurance plans for additional benefits, in addition to basic MediShield.

Currently, about 75 per cent of Singaporeans are covered under MediShield and other types of Medisave-approved insurance plans.

C. Medifund
Medifund works like a financial safety net to help Singaporeans in genuine need. Those who still face difficulties with hospital expenses, even after government subsidies, Medisave and MediShield, can approach a medical social worker at public hospitals to help them apply for Medifund.

We must all play our part

We must never take good health for granted, and should all play an active part to keep healthcare affordable. Therefore we should live a healthy lifestyle, contribute to Medisave and buy adequate and appropriate healthcare insurance.

Lower income Singaporeans should have basic MediShield which covers class B2 and C wards. The better-off who can afford the higher ward classes should buy Medisave-approved Private Integrated Plans on top of their basic MediShield to cover their stays in class A or B1 wards or at private hospitals.

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