Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why you need to have a good digital marketing right now?

Many are asking, what is digital marketing? What kind of digital marketing do I need, and is my digital marketing complete enough?

Recently I have acquired several news and entertainment portal, mainly they are JustClick, Hello FM, Campus Rock and Poppy TV. Being the Co-Founder of these news and entertainment portal, I realise the need for a complete Digital Marketing for any companies who want to brand and market themselves. Having a company Facebook page alone is not enough.

So what makes Digital Marketing Complete? 

We need all of these ways to maximise your online brand presence. 

Firstly, be consistent with your branding. Any concept, any slogan must not be changed within a short period of time. For any branding to be ingrain into any person, it must be consistently appearing the same thing to a customer, so once they think of the slogan, it reminds them of you.

Campus Rock
Secondly, while a Facebook page features recent updates to your customers, many prefer to visit a responsive corporate website to understand more about the company background, product and services, and upcoming promotions. To allow your website to be captured in search engines like Google, you need to have very good search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), link building, and advertisement banners across all networks.

Thirdly, as everyone is using a smart phone now, our customers are online every single minute. According to statistics, 74% of Singaporeans uses social media regularly and the average time spend on is 2.1 hours. All you need to just capture 1% of the users and you could be on your way to riches. However, what really attracts them is to have great quality content. It must have a very strong tagline to capture the attention of the customer and the information must be bite size as internet users are very impatient these days and they do not like contents that are very wordy.

Royal Entertainment
Next, to better increase your brand exposure, you will need to create press releases. Every concept, every idea or movement must have a strong point that would attract media companies or internet news portal to talk about your product and services. With press releases, it will extend your brand not just to Singapore alone, but it will promote your brand worldwide.
Furthermore, with YouTube on the rise, everyone is creating their own videos and advertisements. Creating a video is easy but creating a viral video campaign is far from easy. Having your piece of content to go viral is like winning the Internet’s version of lottery. You need to have great content, great quality, short yet interesting enough to keep the attention of your viewers and creating the urge for them to share and you will have a winning video.
Last but not least, customers nowadays are “smart”. Before they try something new, they will look for product reviews, shop reviews, ask their friends for opinion before trying something out. 90% of them would use Google to search for what they want and this brings me to the next point, blogging. With blog reviews from influencers such as celebrities, personalities, and even people around us will greatly draw your potential customers to read them and to enjoy it virtually before they visit you physically.
To summarise, with the ways of the above and the combination with our marketing strategies, it will increase your brand exposure to the next level and attracts more potential customers into your business.

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