Sunday, April 26, 2015

My life as a insurance agent

I didn't wanted to be a insurance agent. At first. It was due to quite a series of events that I eventually become one.

My dream job is to help people manage their finance in a better way. I believe that no matter how rich you are, what background you come from, how you end in life financially largely depends on how you manage your money. You can be a multi billionaire, but if you splurge on unnecessary things or indulge in gambling, you will end up with nothing one day. Unless you own that casino.  :)
I thought that being a personal banker should fit my characteristics of dream job. Just before entering into National Service, I plan my life out accordingly to what a banker needs and I intend to study Banking and Finance after I finish the army.

After being in army for a year, my close BMT buddy ask if I wanted to be a insurance agent. I quickly rejected the idea of being a insurance agent due to the negative hearsay and rumours about them, and some of the black sheeps in the insurance industry. Coincidentally, I happen to meet a few bankers during networking sessions, and they shared their stories as a banker. "Crazy sales target", "Demanding bosses", "Have to sell many range of products altogether", "No day, no night". These were the complaints I heard from them. One of them said, "I wish I was a insurance agent". 

Because they have flexible hours, work as and when they like, much more carefree, can 'choose' what they want to sell, and much more meaningful when they process a claim for their clients. After hearing these words of wisdom, I decided to read up more about how insurance agent actually work without all the previous judgment and prejudice. I learnt that insurance are indeed very meaningful if everyone is being educated in a proper manner. 
The financial products are good, just that there might be a few unscrupulous or high pressure selling salesman. Insurance is something useful when you need it, but when you really need it and you do not have it, life will be a mess. Just like a lock to a house, when the day you need it and don't have it, your house will be a empty house when you are back.

And so, I started to embark on my journey to be a insurance agent. I phoned my BMT buddy up, found out more info about it, started studying and taking all the basic 4 insurance test, and finally become a insurance agent.

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