Monday, April 3, 2017

Make Singapore a more gracious city in this world

As the founder of Happy People - Male Smiles Where We Go, it is really good to share awareness online so as to have a better outreach to the people out there, in order to help the less-fortunate. Have you follow Happy People Facebook page for more updates? Click HERE.

Many people asking me why there is a need to establish Happy People Facebook page, why there is a need to share or re-share other news on this page, and by doing so, I'm actually creating more workloads for myself. Yes, this is true, extra workloads, but if my little effort can create more outreach and awareness, why not?

Being a volunteer and coordinator at Project Awareness, I understand that many people are looking for volunteer works, many people wanted to lend their helping hand to the less fortunate and apart from the media reporting incidents on the less fortunate, there is not much platform we can get such information. 

I just want to do my part for this society and hope to make Singapore a more gracious city in this world. If you can be like me, a little effort can make a huge difference. If you have the extra time, help to spread the awareness online, join any volunteer work in Singapore, you will learn and understand the happiness within it.  


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  2. According to my point of view, First of all Singapore is a more gracious city in this world. Thank you so much for great article.